New Product Announcement – FT4i

Press Release: May 2024, Toronto, Ontario

Shield Advanced Solutions plugs the FTP Security gap with FT4i.

FT4i provides IBM i users with the ability to log user and FTP activity for both the Client and Server processes. It provides a security blanket which allows you to restrict access to both the FTP Server and any request made using the FTP Client to and from the IBM i. It can log all activity and provide an audit trail for review.

With an ever-changing world and the growth of attacks on IT infrastructure it is important that you secure your data effectively. The standard install of both the FTP Server and FTP Client have no inbuilt security or logging as this is left up to normal OS object level security. FT4i allows you to restrict access to both the FTP Server (incoming connections) and FTP Client (command line outbound connections) to and from the IBM i with the ability to log all activity.

The environment we work in today requires that your users have access to data and objects to carry out their duties, over restricting that access can cause a lot of overhead to manage that access through the normal OS level security.  IBM i OS does not secure the FTP Services specifically but requires the users to build Exit Point programs to filter and manage access. FT4i provides this functionality allowing you to manage your FTP services effectively and easily using the GUI based interface provided (a 5250 interface is also provided) running on a HTTP server.


  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • PHP based browser interface as well as 5250 menus
  • Secure access
  • Flexible options
  • Audit trail (logging)
  • View of active FTP/SFTP sessions

Chris Hird, Director of Shield Advanced Solutions states, “IBM i shops will appreciate the security of FT4i. IBM i users transfer files, between their IBM i servers, on the internet or local servers. Both processes are generally unrestricted, allowing a huge gap in security. Anyone can transfer files around with ease and abuse can be detrimental to your business. A savvy user could set up their own FTP Server on a device (there are plenty of free ones available), and run the FTP client to that system, transferring files without a trace of that activity being recorded.  

Of course, users need a certain amount of freedom to do their jobs, having restricted access can cause delays and the ability to perform their duties, so being prudent in the level of security is important.”

Shield has provided many features to help you “lock down” the FTP Server and Client command to a level that suits your requirements, or you can simply leave everything open and let the logging capabilities provide the check and balances. At any point in time, you can review the PHP interface and see who is connected to your IBM i.

Securing your IBM i should be a top priority, FT4i is provided to fill the gaps.

FT4i is sold with subscription pricing that is both affordable and fair.

Contact Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd to help secure the FTP services on your IBM i before it’s too late. A demo of the product can be provided on request.

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