FTP Client Version 6.1 available for free 30 day trial

As part of the revitalization of the FTP Security Manager which is now available for download, we took the opportunity to update the FTP client which has the same FTP functionality as the one shipped in the FTP Security Manager without the security controls.

This version provides a much smoother interface to the previous incarnation, it also recognizes the CCSID of the system allowing the conversion of EBCDIC to ASCII to be carried out correctly. We have added some new features which allow the user to switch between remote and local directory listings with the press of a key and removed some of the old screens making navigation of the product much easier. Options have been aligned with the options used when navigating the IFS using the WRKLNK command reducing some of the confusion when first using the product.

This version also brings a new feature which allows the user to edit a local file or display a remote file locally. This is carried out using the IBM supplied EDTF and DSPF commands. We have made many other changes in this release and continue to develop new ones such as SSL support which we hope to have in the next version.

If you want to check it out you can do so with a 30 day free trail which can be downloaded from our members section.

Those who have tried it so far love the ease of use it brings and the ability to remove the practice of moving objects via a PC to get them to the IBM ‘i’ because users prefer a better interface than the IBM FTP Client provides today.

Please take the time to download the product and try it out, we look forward to any comments you have..


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