FTP Manager V6.1 available for download

Both the product and an updated manual are now available for download from the members section of the website. The modernization of the products interfaces using the Looksoftware products has started but will not be available until later in the year. We feel it is necessary to get the product out into the community prior to the refacing due to its increased effectiveness.

The security of the FTP server has always been a bone of contention for many customers due in main to the lack of inbuilt security functions provided by the OS for the FTP services. Now FTP Manager with its new Client not only provides a very secure FTP environment for the current IBM based functions, it also provides a secure Client with easy to use functions. No more digging through pages of help to try to find the list commands or how to find out the current working directory… The new FTP client provides a very easy to use interface for non technical users.

We had to resort to using a PC based client for our FTP activities from the IBM ‘i’ which involved using the PC as an intermediary staging point, this brought us many problems where objects were transferred and stored with incorrect CCSID’s. Now with the FTP Manager Client the process is quicker and more reliable with no more CCSID issues.

You can download a fully functioning trial from our website which automatically provides a 30day no fuss license to try out the product. If you are happy with what you see you can extend the use of the product by purchasing the necessary licensing at your convenience. You have nothing to lose and installation via the IBM LICPGM commands makes the install and removal a simple exercise.

Visit our download pages and try the product today…


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