Fully Free Format RPG !

The intERPrise Open Source project had taken the decision to implement ‘Fully Free Format’ RPG to ensure that the code we are shipping is the latest and greatest code we can develop. However due to the restrictions imposed within the RDi IDE we have had to rescind that decision and go back to a format which is supported by the earlier versions of RDi.

We have been asking for people to support our effort to get IBM to re-open the RFE (https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rfe/execute?use_case=viewRfe&CR_ID=108558 ) but so far we have seen little to no response from the IBM i community without which I am sure IBM will not see the justification for opening the RFE again. Please take the time to read through the RFE and the comments placed so far, we are not asking for any more that other platforms provide to developers. Also adding a comment which has already been added will add to the momentum so feel free to cut and paste.

Based on the above and our hope to allow as many IBM i developers to contribute as possible we have taken the decision to fall back to fixed format D specs. If we see movement in the future from IBM and a version of RDi is provided that allows people to develop using fully free format code which is also FREE, we will revisit the decision again. At the very least IBM could offer a one time upgrade from current RDi licenses to those who are supporting ANY Open Source initiative for the IBM i.

We have not taken this decision lightly but forcing people to upgrade their RDi installation to allow them to contribute to an Open Source project does not seem to fit well…


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