iLook shows promise

We finally received our download links and licenses for the LookSoftware iLook product just before Christmas. I have attached a couple of screen shots to show you the results obtained simply by running the product out of the box.

iLook is a technology preview for the main LookSoftware products, there are some screens which will not convert to a GUI even if they are IBM screens, if you try to display an unsupported screen a message is sent stating that the conversion process will not work. There are also a number of features which appear to be clumsy on first use, but reading the manual (yes we do have to sometimes) soon points the user in the right direction. If you find any issues you can always lodge them with support or add posts to the forums to get updates or answers.

Having played with the product we feel it is a good first pass at explaining the basic re-facing capabilities of the LookSoftware products. However it is just a preview and should be viewed as such the main LookSoftware products offer a lot more functionality. Luckily our screens from the FTP Client converted automatically and gave a nice new look to the product. iLook is free, you simply have to register your interest on the LookSoftware website and they will ship you download instructions and licenses by email.

If you have downloaded our FTP Client Version 6.1 this could be a nice easy (and free) way to add a GUI interface to it! I am sure our other products will have the same effect.

To get a copy of the software register your interest here

The forum related to the product can be accessed once you register here

Here are the sample screens using the iLook product.

System Control Panel
iLook System Control Panel

Here is the FTP Client Version 6.1 sample screen using the iLook product.

FTP Client running under iLook
FTP Client running under iLook interface

I hope that is enough to wet your appetite, get going and register for the product now!


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