New Status Screens for DR4i

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We have continued to develop the status screens for DR4i and now have a brand new process flow for delivering an easy to use interface for monitoring the activities of the product.

The first screen which is displayed is the sign on screen, it requires a valid iOS user profile and password to continue and helps restrict access to the IBM i data. If the sign on fails the user will not see any status.

Sign-On screen
Sign On screen presented before access to DR4i Status

Once a valid user and password has been entered the current status of DR4i will be shown, in the example we have supplied there are a number of issues we have generated to show the additional pages available. The additional pages cannot be accessed unless data is available to be displayed. The logout button will log the user out, end the communication connection for this specific instance to the IBM i and destroy any stored session variables before returning the user to the sign on screen.

DR4i status
Main Status screen for DR4i

If there are any errors as can be seen by the red highlighted field a click on the field will display the following screen which lists any errors that are logged by DR4i. The errors are logged by receiver name so you can interrogate the issues by receiver.

List of errors logged by DR4i
List of errors logged by DR4i

The above screen provides links to an additional screen where more information can be seen about the error and the object affected.

Details of error
Error Details display

Another problem can be where an apply process is in the suspend mode and is not processing receiver changes as they occur, this can cause a build up of the receivers in the waiting queue which can be identified by clicking the “waiting” link. In the example we have 6 waiting receivers, clicking the link will result in the following display.

receiver list
A list of the receivers waiting to be applied

Another list you may be interested in viewing is the list of email messages that have been sent by DR4i, these messages can be helpful when reviewing what DR4i has process and what if any problems have been flagged. The following screens show the detail which is available by selecting the appropriate links.

List of email messages sent
List of sent emails

Email entry display
Content of email log entry

There is also a list of messages available from this interface, it can only display the message text but is a useful tool to verify what messages are in the DR4i messages queue. A nice feature we have included is the message queue is display with the last message on the top and it has the date and time the message was sent.

message list
List of messages in the DR4i message queue

Thats the new interface, we have been getting some good responses to the product and particularly the new interface. This interface and some of the newer apply processing will be implemented into the next version of the RAP product which is due out at the end of this year.

Let us know if you have any comments about the new screens or wish to know more about the product and where it fits into an availability solution.


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