Initial test show promising results for RAP/400 V1R1

Today we set up a couple of LPAR’s on the IBM VLP systems with RAP/400 and a data generation program. The program simply adds over 5000 records into a set of files over 5 libraries, […]

RAP/400 ongoing development

The RAP/400 Version product has been out there for a few weeks now and has seen a fair level of attention from the media and interested parties. Some of that attention did amaze me, I […]

Is there space for another replication product

A number of people have asked why I decided to write the RAP/400 program. After all there are a number of data replication products out there already why bring another one to market? Before I […]

New product released

Receiver Apply Program/400 (RAP/400) is available for customer download and use. the product is aimed primarily at those users of the IBM System i5 who need data protection on a second system. It is not […]

Disaster Recovery for the IBM System i5 masses

We are developing a new process which will bring Disaster Recovery capabilities to the masses. The tool we provide will manage the process of applying the journal changes on the remote system on a regular […]