New version of iAMP Server available with updated content

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] A new version of iAMP Server is available from Aura Equipments which updates the PHP and MySQL content. See the full details on the Forums using the following Link. Always get the latest […]

Installing iAMP in 5 minutes or less.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] Thought we would create a video showing just how easy it is to install iAMP server on the IBMi. This is a fully functioning Apache,MySQL,PHP server with Easycom providing access to the IBMi […]

IBMi running a Guest AIX Partition accessing IBMi data.

[adrotate group=”9″] We have been playing around with the setup of our IBMi system to run various guest partitions that are running difference supported OS’s. The first install was another IBMi guest partition which would […]

IBMi where i really does stand for integration…

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] We have been running 3 separate IBM i systems for a number of years now so that we could test the products we develop and provide some level of recovery should one of […]

New Apache, MySQL PHP stack for IBMi called iAMP Server

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] Aura Equipments of France has just announced a new Apache, MySQL and PHP stack for the IBMi, the new stack has been compiled from standard open source code and is available for free […]

Simple PHP scripts to display a List of spool files and their content

[adrotate group=”3,9″] As part of the development of the JobQGenie PHP interface we needed to be able to display a list of the spool files which are generated for the job queue reload process. The […]

JobQGenie interface coming along

[adrotate group=”3,9″] The new JobQGenie interface is coming along, built using PHP and the Easycom server functions we have now completed the initial page and the job list page with some neat functionality being added […]

Time taken for Password encryption

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] One of the recent posts showed how to connect to a remote IBM i system and store the password in a secure method in the session variables. As part of another development project […]

Zend announces the future path for Easycom and XMLSERVICE

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] Zend has made an announcement on their ZendServer forum about the new XMLSERVICE release date and the way forward for existing Easycom i5 toolkit users. Basically they intend to leave the Easycom server […]

ITJungle publishes announcement of distributor status for 'EASYCOM for PHP'

[adrotate group=”9″] ITJungle published an article about Shield Advanced Solutions becoming a distributor for EASYCOM for PHP. They extracted information from our Blog and website without any interviews with us. They seem to have hit […]