PowerUp18 San Antonio a few days away

Preparations are done and we are now finalizing the our agendas for the PowerUp18 COMMON Spring conference in San Antonio. While we are attending the event primarily as a Vendor in the Expo (come by […]

Let’s ‘C’ some server messages

We are now starting to see some functionality in the server program so lets enhance that a little more. One of the problems we all experience is accessing the messages in a message queue on […]

Let’s ‘C’ it work some commands

So far we have created a Server which will allows a user to sign onto the IBM i via an ASCII based terminal, now we are going to look at how to add a bit […]

Let’s ‘C’ Series – Summary…. Next Steps

Four more tech-blogs take the ‘C’ programing information into different directions – integration, security and more…. Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd led by Chris Hird, has been a long-time supporter of using ‘C’ as the program […]

Let’s ‘C’ integration with security

The previous post started a Server process which could receive ASCII based input, although it was pretty limited in terms of what it did it did show some of the basics required to build a […]

Let’s ‘C’ it integrate

We have been thinking about where to take the series of posts about using ‘C’ on the IBM i and have decided to create something that will help integrate the IBM i with the other […]

Let’s ‘C’ how (part II)

In the last post we created the program which retrieved source code lines with a certain filter string. We are going to modify the program to verify that all of the messages we have in […]

Let’s ‘C’ how!

I hope that you are following the series and found the previous postsĀ  and the tools we have produced useful. In this post I am going to expand on the tooling to loop through a […]

Let’s ‘C’ how (we can check *SRVPGM signatures)

Sometimes you will find yourself in the situation where you need to verify the signatures contained in a service program against those contained in a number of programs or vice versa.. Binder source can reduce […]

Let’s ‘C’ a little more (about *SRVPGM management)

The program we created last time shows how to read through a message file looking for a particular text string, but we generally do not search and change system messages (we only have the snd_error_msg() […]