RPG Open Access Good, Bad or indifferent.

[adrotate group=”3,4″] The debate about RPG Open Access seems to be gaining some attention from a number of well known IBM i supporters, some good, some bad and some which is pretty much indifferent! Where […]

China – When did that happen?

[adrotate group=”3,4″] I have ordered a new 520 system which we will use for our development and testing. I placed the order as usual through IBM in Canada and received a notification of how to […]

Nice to hear you did OK!

It is always good to get feedback about how you are perceived and how your products are working in the market place. We recently went through a major new install of our Receiver Apply program(RAP) […]

New look for the Blog

If you have visited before you will probably notice a big change? We took the opportunity to update the Theme and Widgets while doing an update of the base software this week. We have added […]

LookSoftware and application modernization

We have been thinking of adding a new interface to the Shield Products for sometime now. Originally we had hoped to add a PHP based service which would allow the data and product menu options […]

Application Modernization, is it a hot topic for i5 customers

Is the i5 community as active in application modernization as some of the popular rags would have us believe?

RAP Version 3.1 is available for download

If you are in the market for an Availability Solution, do yourself a favor and try out this latest version. The product continues to grow adding customer driven features with every new release. This release […]

RAP Version 2.1 PTF02 released

PTF02 has been released for RAP. This PTF has a few bug fixes and a number of new features. As usual the PTF installs using the LODPTF and APYPTF commands and takes a few seconds […]

Source replication without Journalling

As part of testing the next release of the RAP we came across a very nice feature which will help us manage our Source Code across systems. We have always seen the journalling of PF-SRC […]

Receiver Apply Program Version 3.1 Availability for the cost concious

We have finally managed to get the lat of the new features added to the latest Release of RAP and testing is well underway. This will be a big release with lots of new features. […]