RPG OA The debate continues (by a few)

[adrotate group=”3,4″] Well the few pundits who bother to put pen to paper and speak about the IBM i platform and new technology are certainly putting some passion into this one! I have made my […]

PHP and IBM 'i' without Zend or HTTP running on the IBM 'i'

We have always looked at the building of HTTP interfaces for IBM ‘i’ with a view that they should run on the IBM ‘i’. Our main reason for this was performance, if we are running […]

New release of Crc Builder in progress, should be faster!

When we started to build the Crc Builder we used technology we had built into the RAP Auditing product as the base. While the Auditing functions work, we felt the speed needed to be improved […]

Source replication without Journalling

As part of testing the next release of the RAP we came across a very nice feature which will help us manage our Source Code across systems. We have always seen the journalling of PF-SRC […]

New i515 is due this week

I have not heard anything to the contrary so I am hoping to get the new i515 later this week.  Once I have the system I will post the setup as I go along.  I […]

SEU User Options How to copy a SRCMBR to IFS

OK so I am behind the times and do not use WSDSc but to be honest I hated the Client when I ran it a number of months back and eventually removed it from the […]

New Contributor for RPG Code

Terry Durbin has agreed to be a contributor to the blog and share his RPG knowledge with me and the rest of the i5 community. We have been corresponding for a number of months now […]