Time taken for Password encryption

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] One of the recent posts showed how to connect to a remote IBM i system and store the password in a secure method in the session variables. As part of another development project […]

Secure password storage for i5_connect connections.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] One of the questions which gets asked a lot is how do I store passwords for connections to the IBM i. If I am doing internal development (does not require security to be […]

Busy getting things into place for the new release.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] I seem to get less and less time these days to do all the things that need to be done. I am sure everyone out there is feeling the same. We have just […]

Restore of a journaled object does not always restore the journal info!

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] Here is a BIG problem with the IBM i restore process. If I have a file which has been saved while it was journaled to JRNA and try to restore it over the […]

SMS4i Available for download

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] The licensed program product of SMS4i is now available for download. You will need to sign into the website to get a copy which provides a free 30 day trial code on installation. […]

SMS Text from the IBM i.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] I had a call recently about sending SMS text messages from the IBM i. One of our partners provides a solution for this but it requires the purchase of a GSM modem and […]

Shock Horror Director for IBM i Navigator is better! Well it was! Now it is again… Maybe..

After a 3 days upgrade from V6.1 to V7.1 we thought things were getting better. Then we noticed that the HTTP server was starting which should not have happened as we had set it not […]

Need your help with Save Restore Issue

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] In a previous post we mentioned a problem we had found with the save and restore process where objects that are restored over existing objects will not have all of their attributes restored. […]

When is a restored object not a restored object?

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] We have been trying to figure out just what a restore operation does and does not do! We have for a long time believed the restore process will take the object which was […]

Restore does not restore all attributes of the saved object.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] If like us you are dealing with multiple systems and use the save and restore process to keep things in sync you may have a shock when you look at some objects. The […]