Email Process

We have been looking at how to deliver status and error messages from the RAP product to users without the need to keep drilling down through the menus and panel groups. We looked at possibly […]

iASP concept is good to go

One of the ideas we have been working on is how to allow a non iASP based application to be replicated to an iASP based database. Why is this important you may ask, well if […]

Keeping your Client Access (now iSeries Access) Updated

As part of the implementation of the iASP’s and the problems we experienced we started to look at the level of iSeries Access. We were shocked to find out that we have a fix pack […]

New Test Environment ready for development work

We mentioned recently that we are looking to develop a version of RAP which would be suitable for hosting services, this solution would be based around iASP technology but keep the base RAP technology for […]

Gentoo Hardened Problems

We had been getting a message every time we tried to update the portage tree so after some research decided to implement a hardened version of Gentoo on our Linux production server. The research we […]

SugarCRM upgrade to 5.0.0a

We decided to take the plunge and upgrade to SugarCRM 5.0.0a on our internal test and production server. We ran SugarCRM 4.5.1g on a Gentoo Linux box which kept having problems while an install on […]

Time in a PASE environment!

I have seen numerous posts on the ZEND PHP forums regarding the time not being correct in the output generated by the PHP date() function. So I thought I would check it out for myself. […]

MySQL Library Path Environment variable required in QP2TERM

While looking up a question from the blog we noticed that the QP2TERM access to the MySQL server did not work, it came up with an object missing ‘’. We thought we had set up […]

Halcyon Software agrees to using Shield as a local agent

We have been looking at the systems management players for sometime now as we feel its important that any HA or DR solution has effective monitoring attached to the technology implemented. Halcyon approached us with […]