Playing with Save Files

We have recently posted about a new utility which would allow objects to be restored from a save file based on a number of generic parameters in response to a request on a code forum. […]

Ignore journaling when restoring objects

One of the questions we get asked a lot about how to stop an object being journalled when it is restored. This is a problem for replication software because the entries deposited either need to […]

Identify Large IFS Objects

As we promised we have now created a program that will review the content of the IFS and identify any object which is greater than a size requested. We also built display panels to review […]

Improved Large Object search tool

We have added some additional features to the Large Object search tool we mentioned in the previous blog posting to allow a view of the returned objects in a panel group plus a number of […]

Finding why your IBMi system storage is filling up

One of the problems I have with the IBMi is how difficult it is to find out what objects are taking up all the storage on our systems. I have tried the DSPLIB *PRINT and […]

Job Tracking for IBMi and recovery

We have nearly finished the internal testing phase of our Job Tracking product JT4i and are now looking for some external clients that would be willing to test in their real life environments. Job Tracking […]

Object Distribution and RE4i

As a development company we are always updating objects on our development systems and need to transfer them to our test systems. This can be a very intensive process when the objects have to be […]

What do Shield’s Customers have in Common?

Over the years we have seen a shift from the simple need for backup and recovery, to a requirement for customers to have full access to systems and data 24 hours a day, 7 days […]

Filtering journaled object creations in LVLT4i, HA4i and DR4i

I was asked about the ability of our products to filter content within a journal. The problem is a common problem and one which affects us due to our policy of applying everything within the […]

System and Software for journaling system objects patent EP 1559019 A1

To view the above patent please click here. Why the interest My interest was peaked by a recent LinkedIn comment about how using the Audit Journal to capture replication requests was a poor design choice. […]