We are back

Moved the blog to a new provider so should be back up and running with new content soon.Chris…

Website issues

[adrotate group=”3,4″] It looks like our website was inadvertently screwed up when we added the latest updates, the test server was incorrectly set as the server for the navigation links which was obviously wrong. It […]

New look for the Blog

If you have visited before you will probably notice a big change? We took the opportunity to update the Theme and Widgets while doing an update of the base software this week. We have added […]

Just a name change or is it? Simply 'i'!

We felt the Blog name was starting to get a little old so we decided it was time for a change! “System i5 New Generation Computing” didn’t make sense once IBM changed the brand yet […]

Slight Problem when using Crc Builder and the ADLER32 algorithm

One of the users of the Crc Builder programs mentioned a problem with the CRC generated as it did not conform to the expected value when run against a known data set. The problem is […]

ZLIB Source updated to allow sucessful MAKE

We are looking at the Zlib source for use with the Crc Builder program which produces member and file level CRC’s for the data within the file. This will allow the user to verify the […]

Program to create MD5 Checksums

We had been responding to a question on the iSeries Network Forums about how to check that 2 files on different systems had the same data content. This is important for those IBM i customers […]