Compiles not returning correct information in WSDc

I am trying to get IBM to look into a problem where WSDc does not return all of the messages that should be generated when I compile a list of modules. I am simply right […]

Why do we keep our competitors on our website?

We keep getting questions from prospects asking why we advertise who our competitors are? The answer is very simple we feel an educated customer is a valuable customer. Our aim is not to shield the […]

Automated unit testing in PHP using PHPUnit

As part of the ZendFramework excercise I am following the author describes some automated testing process for the Framework modules as we build them. He talks about using the PHPUnit testing software which is available […]

Oops need to add another Virtual Host! If you want to see the Zendcore initial page

As part of the setup for NameVirtualHost delivery of my websites I forgot to add a VirtualHost directive for the initial page shown when you simply enter http://serverip:80/. This causes the apache server to return […]

The modernization project is underway.

We have started to build out the panels for the initial modernization of the Software Packaging Manager Product. This product is used internally to package all of our products as IBM Licensed Program Product’s. The […]

Another scam, dont open the zip file

I just received an email which said it was from Southwest Airlines and that my Credit card had been charged $467.05. Simply open the zip file to view the ticket! HA HA HA!!!! If your […]

Adding the application structure to the webserver

As we have noted in previous posts we are going to use one of our internal products to show application modernization using the Zend 5250 Bridge, we will be using the application we use to […]

Journalling of Logical Files in V6R1

We were surprised to see logical files in the file list when looking at WRKJRNA on V6R1. We asked IBM why they just appeared and how could we turn journalling off for them as we […]

PHP setting up the website using the new server interfaces

Now that I have the software all loaded I need to start to configure the Apache servers.