PowerUp18 San Antonio a few days away

Preparations are done and we are now finalizing the our agendas for the PowerUp18 COMMON Spring conference in San Antonio. While we are attending the event primarily as a Vendor in the Expo (come by Booth 318) we also have some other important functions to carry out.

First will be the ISV Council meeting which is held on the Saturday before everything kicks off, I am looking forward to hearing what others have been doing since our meeting last year and how they see the IBM i communities involvement with Open Source.  As anyone who follows this Blog knows we are very interested in Open Source for the IBM i particularly where it relates to native open Source not necessarily the PASE based Open Source tracks, so it was really good to see that IT Jungle recently posted some of the activities the community has posted on GitHub. I was very surprised to see a lot of repositories which we had not known of prior to the article. The recent series of posts about ‘C’ programming on the IBM i hope to show that the IBM i is not just RPG based and that a lot of very useful applications can be written using ‘C’. We have purposely started the Server program with a lean towards handling ASCII based requests because we feel that integration into other ASCII based platforms is critical for the longevity of the platform.  Eventually we hope to venture into the ASCII side to develop links to the Server using different languages such as PHP, Javascript, Node.js etc. For us the ‘i’ in IBM i stands for integration not isolation.

Once the Expo starts up we will be manning the stand full time, if you want to discuss Open Source or some of the posts we have been making it would be a good time to come round and have a chat. We are interested in hearing what you feel the Open Source community needs to do to help you and your business succeed and keep the IBM i solutions vibrant and active. While you are there you may also want to discuss the offer we have for existing High Availability solution customers who want to consider alternatives, our HA4i product competes with the best and you will be surprised how much you can save with this offer. Even if you don’t want to switch out today come by and take away some literature just in case things change and you want something in your back pocket. Having an alternative might be a strong bargaining tool when it come round to renewing your existing contracts for maintenance etc.

Once our time at the Expo is done we will be roaming the halls looking for interesting education sessions to attend. Not sure at this time what track to follow but we generally keep to the newer technologies so you may see us in any which are dealing with PHP, Javascript, Node.js etc.. Then there are the evenings, from what we hear San Antonio has a lot to offer so we will be sure to sample some of the delights.

If you are attending don’t be shy, please walk by and say hello, we are not going to bite and being techies we do enjoy hearing about some of the challenges you face and how you have overcome them. Yes we would love to sell you our software and we know its makes sense 😉 but in the end, we want you to gain as much from the event as you can and maybe a few moments discussing a particular problem or need may result in a solution you didn’t know existed?

See you there…


As a side note: We are very interested in partnering with like minded companies so if you want to discuss how we can work together please drop by and we can set up a meeting to discuss.

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