V7R2 – V7R3 Upgrade issues

We are moving our development OS from V7R2 to V7R3 and came across a problem which stopped the system. We Googled the problem and did find one mention of a problem which appeared to match our symptoms but was for a V7R1 to V7R3 upgrade.


We could not IPL the system completely to install the Cum Package, it would halt with a SRC of D9002790. If we powered off the system from the HMC it would re-IPL but the PTFs would not install, when we checked the active jobs we would see a job SCPF running at 60% CPU constantly and it would never end (we left for over 10 hours). Also running the INZSYS command would run with a complete message but when we tried to put the system into a restricted state it would complain about INZSYS still running even thought it was not.

We opened a SEV1 PMR with IBM ( 03531,057,649 ) and received a very fast response from support, luckily the guy who responded knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it.

The problem stems from a PTF which did not apply when requested to do so, the PTF is 5770SS1/SI59865 or one of its successors (Ours was PTF SI63553 ) needed to be applied from the command line before we did another IPL.

First we had to hard stop the system from the HMC, then restart with a normal IPL. Once we had the system back up we then went in an applied the relevant PTF before we requested a PWRDWNSYS *IMMED RESTART(*YES). As previously the IPL halted at the D9002790 SRC so we had to hard power off the system again from the HMC. After the System had powered off we powered on again and it IPL’d as expected only this time the SCPF job was not sitting at .0% CPU and everything seemed to be working as expected.

If you have this problem or something similar check out APR SE64210 as it may help with the problem. I was told the problem had been fixed in the latest Cum as well so do not do as we did use an old CUM as part of the upgrade.

Hope that helps, we found it hard to get more information so we have posted here to hopefully make it more findable in Google.


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