Why do I do it…

Well this week has been a total write off, having spent 4 days trying to get the systems ready to migrate from IBM i based partitioning to VIOS based partitioning (IBM had incorrectly configured the core activations and it took 4 days to get me the information to correct it!) I finally got to a state where I could start the VIOS install.

I had the trusty Red Books on hand and decided to follow one of the set ups described, I removed the existing system definitions and partitions definitions from the HMC (I have backed up the partitions individually and created a system plan) so I felt secure that if required I could simply deploy the system plan again.

I created a single VIOS partition definition as per the manual and started the installation process. The HMC level we have has an option to install the VIOS as part of the partition activation which is not noted in the manuals, this came to a grinding halt with a message about incorrectly formatted commands??? So we went back and followed the instructions on installing the VIOS using the SMS install and a terminal. Next mistake was trying it from a remote HMC connection (you have to be on the main HMC display to allow the terminals to be launched) so we them moved to the main HMC display. Everything started to look good, the SMS installations screens came up and we dutifully selected the options to install from the DVD. Again the install just hung, so we rebooted and tried again, this time we noticed that the installation could not find the Disk to install the VIOS on.

I am not sure why, perhaps its because the system was installed with a single Raid6 setup with IBM i as the controlling partition? But no matter which options we looked at we cannot find the method to re-initialize the disk to allow the VIOS to install.

Logged a support call and waiting for the support gods to give us a call and hopefully get past this stage. Once we get the information I will be sure to write it up 🙂


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