Reputation, Trust and Something New

The brand of an organization is its logo, the graphic face of a company’s reputation. Business ethics, trust and reputation are brought to the table by the person who is leading and steering the company, they are the heart and essence of the business and what makes it tick.  It is the man behind the organization generates the good reputation for the company.

After reviewing some branding advice from Virgin’s Richard Branson – Ten best quotes about branding….  We believe Shield’s aim and beliefs match many of these quotes…. it is how we think too.

At the heart of Shield is Chris Hird and with Chris comes his reputation for in-depth knowledge of IBMi and its predecessors, a long-standing reputation for producing innovative solutions and writing software that are less complex yet still meet the same capabilities of our competitors. His ‘under the covers’ knowledge of IBMi at all levels, and a listening ear about what Shield’s customers need and use, brings forth a unique balance of product that is simple to use, exceeds the client’s requirements at an affordable cost.

Shield’s customers trust us; our distributors are loyal because we offer a consistent high quality service in support of our products.

Even though we are a small company, we are able to rely on a network of technical specialists to ensure we achieve our goal of providing what the client needs in a timely fashion. Gone are the days when a consultant would fly in to fix a problem, using the latest technology allows us to remotely work with our clients and provide world class support from anywhere in the world.

Our creativity continues with development in Open Source projects.  Chris has never been a believer in RPG is the best for all IBMi development, he believes you need to use your best tool to get the job done. Thinking outside the box seems a cliché, but that’s what makes him get up each day and do what he does best.

So how does Chris find the time, in such a vibrant company to get into this continually changing activity and leap into new areas? Shield’s phones are not ringing constantly – they are quiet, our customers will confirm that Shield products, once implemented do not require constant attention, and if they do the support response times ensures they are back up and running in no time.

At Shield, with stable reliable solutions – there is always time for something innovative and new!

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