• HA4i a premier replication solution for the IBM i
    HA4i a premier replication solution for the IBM i

    HA4i is a complete High Availability solution used in high profile clients around the world.

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  • DR4i - A Disaster Recover solution for the IBM i
    DR4i - A Disaster Recover solution for the IBM i

    DR4i provides Data Availability for those clients who do not need a High Availability Solution.

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Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd

Shield has been providing products and services for the IBM i and all of its predecessors such as 'AS/400','iSeries','i5' and 'Systemi' for over 20 years. The products we have developed for the High Availability and Disaster Recovery market are based on years of experience implementing other companies solutions and feedback from existing clients. This has enabled us to bring to market a suite of products designed to meet the demands of the most demanding IBM i environments around the world. Our current clients confirm we put them first. Shield provides support that goes above and beyond our stated service level and deliver products with features that are only found in products costing a great deal more. Our products encompass the latest technology available from IBM for IBM i and continue to improve as they release new enhancements.



Availability made easy

HA4i - High Availability for IBM i

HA4i is our premier High Availability solution which has continued to grow over a number of Release. The focus of HA4i is to deliver a dependable replication process that requires minimal management. We have made the installation and configuration process as simple as possible which reduces the total cost of ownership and allows changes to be made without the cost of highly paid consultants. The latest version comes with many new features that continue to build on the solid foundation we have built in previous versions. Cost should not be an impediment to protecting your investment, HA4i is an affordable and effective High Availability Product.


Disaster Recovery for IBM i

DR4i - Disaster recovery for the IBM i

DR4i uses the same apply technology used by HA4i to apply changes from a remote journal receiver to the database and objects. Because it is only installed on the target system where the apply of the data and objects is required, it provides significant cost savings over a full blown High Availability Solution while still providing efficient data replication. This allows customers to move from a non replicated recovery solution such as tape back ups etc to a hot site with ease. Simplicity is built into DR4i to ensure ongoing management is kept to a minimum.


Job Queue tracking

JT4i - Job Queue Tracking for IBM i

No High Availability solution is complete without the ability to replicate the job queue content, unfortunately many of the solutions on the market today do not offer this capability and those that do, do not provide the level of sophistication that JT4i provides. If you have a High Availability Solution which does not provide this capability, you should be urgently considering the implementation of JT4i, without it recovery after a failure could result in data integrity issues and extended recovery times.


With over 20 years of experience we have developed products that meet some of the most demanding requirements but have done this with the end users in mind. Our products should be capable of being installed by most IBM i administrators because we have packaged them using the IBM LPP technology which uses the same commands used by the OS for management and updates. However, if you are unable to facilitate the staff required we offer a number of services designed to deliver a fully installed and configured High Availability / Disaster Recovery environment for you. We also offer technical services around our programming and Apache/PHP knowledge.