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Shield has been providing products and services for the IBM i and its predecessors such as 'AS/400', 'iSeries', 'i5' and 'Systemi' for over 20 years. The products we have developed are built on many years of experience and heavily influenced by customer input. Up-to-date fresh code ensures our products perform well in the most demanding environments, with minimal maintenance. The support provided by Shield matches the best in the industry – we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy with the solutions we provide.

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Shield's products have been developed to meet a wide spectrum of customer requirements. Some provide functionality not available in similar solutions and have been engineered to install as a separate product. We also have a number of products which have been developed for specific customer requirements and packaged in the same manner as our leading products.

While Shield's products provide similar functionality to many of our competitors, the design and engineering ensures it is delivered with the latest technology and performs to the highest standards.


High Availibility solution

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Enterprise Monitoring solution

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IBM i Plugin for Nagios

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Job Queue tracking solution

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The IBM i is a fully integrated system which can be used to implement a variety of applications and solutions. Our products which provide the ability to replicate application-based changes from one system to another need to work in all environments. This means there are times when the product may not appear to function correctly, so we offer assistance to understand and rectify the issues. If you are experiencing a problem with any of our products please visit our support portal and raise a ticket, our support team will respond to your request within 1 business day.

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Shield products can be installed by anyone with a reasonable understanding of the IBM i, however we do offer a number of services to assist where necessary.


Consulting Services

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Product implementation

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Remote Management

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Remote Developement

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