2018 Expo Special Deal….

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd announces a special Expo Deal! If you are heading to the annual Common Conference this year – PowerUp18, San Antonio?  Shield is offering a replacement for your current High Availability solution – free of charge! Swing by Booth 318 to collect your card. 

Shield has a reputation in the IBM i arena for providing highly efficient, simple-to-use products for SMB to Enterprise clients. Well-known for being easy to install and manage the latest levels of HA4i include new sensing technology that provides a continuous monitor for problems that require attention, any issues are fixed where appropriate and notifications sent by the built-in email capabilities, complete auditing functionality, fully automated replication processes and role-swap, and much more….

The latest version offers many to one, or one to many functionality. Says Director Chris Hird, “HA4i Multi-Node will allow content to be sent not only to the High Availability Node, but also to a Disaster Recovery Node so if the system failed you would have the ability to recover no matter what the disaster was.” He adds, “The new set-up now provides a one-way only replication configuration added to integrate with JT4i job data transportation.”

Shield has been providing products and services for the IBM i and all of its predecessors such as ‘AS/400’, ‘iSeries’, ‘i5’ and ‘Systemi’ for over 20 years. We have developed products that are based on years of experience and heavily influenced by customer input. Every product release is analyzed to ensure it is kept fresh, up-to-date and performs well in the most demanding environments while ensuring management tasks are kept to a minimum. Our company infrastructure allows us to provide superior products at lower costs, resulting in savings for both the initial purchase and on-going maintenance for our customers.

Pick up your card at Booth 318!

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