5733SC1 Downloads, we are still getting lots of requests for downloads

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If you are looking for the 5733SC1 downloads please contact IBM. We have removed the downloads for a number of reasons but mainly because IBM legal has an issue with anyone but IBM providing their software for download even if it is a free option.

My suggestion is you contact your IBM representative to get hold of the download links from the IBM website, the software is non chargeable but you need a maintenance agreement to have access to the IBM download area.

If you are stuck without maintenance and still want to run PHP with access to the IBMi I would suggest one of the following options.

Firstly you could install the XMLSERVICE which is available from the Yips Wiki. This should allow you to connect to the IBMi and use the functions available to access your data. We have not tested the DB2 access only the program calling (see the Blog entry) which was not as fast as we had been expecting considering all of the statements we had seen. There are a number of articles around that discuss the capabilities of the XMLSERVICE so we will not discuss them here.

If you would like to have a much more comprehensive solution you can opt for the EasyCom Server which is supplied by Aura Equipments of France. This is our preferred option because it allows us to run the PHP code on Windows and Linux access the IBMi via the EasyCom Server port. This is the very same EasyCom server provided by Zend that allows the i5_toolkit to function but it can be accessed from remote servers (except the Zend Version is usually way behind the Aura Equipments version). Not sure how long the i5_toolkit will be included in the Zend Server product but the word on the street is Zend are looking to replace it with the XMLSERVICE toolkit? I think this is a bad move on a number of fronts but for those who are looking for an open source option with access to the source code to allow updating by yourself this is a valid option. The i5_toolkit has a lot more capabilities than the XMLSERVICE toolkit to-date (its still only in BETA) and I am sure there are lots of sites out there now which are going to need to continue to use the EasyCom Server so not sure how Zend will overcome that. If you are interested in the EasyCom Server option gives us a call and we will be happy to supply you with the information you need.

If IBM does put up any additional links for 5733SC1 we will post them..


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