Adding configuration Capabilities to the HA4i PHP Interfaces

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We have been developing the management interface for HA4i our High Availability product in PHP for some time, but we had not got round to looking at how we could extend that interface to allow us configure the various elements of HA4i. While the existing 5250 (Green Screen) configuration panels are very effective in what they do but we wanted bring that capability into the PHP interface.

Until now, to view or update the existing configurations you needed to sign onto each system and go through each individual panel group to update the various elements that configure HA4i. We wanted to pull all of that information into a single screen where you could view the existing configuration and select a particular element to be updated.

The first panel displays the existing configuration with links (buttons) to allow you to update the particular configuration.

Here is a sample of the initial page.

New Configuration Screen
New Configuration Screen

The above screen allows each of the elements which can be updated, if a change occurs which requires the configuration to be replicated between the systems it is automatically handled in the same manner it was with the 5250 screens. We like the fact that we can now update any configuration and restart the processes all from one interface. Selecting the option to update the remote journal configuration will display a list of all available remote journals as can be seen in the sample display below.

Remote Journals available for configuration
Remote Journals available for configuration

As you can see from the display, if the journal is already configured it will be identified and a remove button provided, if it is not already configured a button allows it to be added. Because the remove button simply removes the configuration data it does not need any additional panels, but to Configure requires some of the parameters to be presented so they can be changed if required as can be seen in the sample display below.

Configure a new Remote Journal
Configure a new remote journal

Once submit is pressed on this page the remote journal is added to the configuration and the relevant objects created to allow processing by HA4i. Once this completes the list of configured remote journals is displayed again with the new journal correctly identified.

HA4i Object replication is simply a list of libraries that are to be monitored for changes, we decided to use a selection list to allow the required libraries to be configured and a list of existing configurations. You can select as many libraries as you wish in a single request which are automatically added to the configured list and all objects in the requested libraries marked for auditing so that any changes to the objects are captured and replicated. The display below shows the currently configured library plus a scrollable selection list of those libraries which are not.

Configure the libraries Object Replication
Configure the libraries for Object Replication

Output Queues have a similar interface which lists all available out queues for configuration in the same manner as the list of libraries. The following is a sample display from our test system.

Configure Outq's
Configure Outq'

The default configuration is unique to each system so there are two buttons one for each system to allow the configuration to be updated, we provided drop down options for some of the parameters to ensure the data entered is correct plus any parameters which are restricted are set to be read only. This is what our test configuration looks like.

Configure default settings
Configure default settings

That is all you need to configure HA4i, we do have a couple of filter options and IFS replication at the object level which need some attention but in the main this new interface allows you to configure, control and monitor HA4i from a single interface. The biggest gain for us was the speed at which we could implement changes using PHP and Easycom, when we developed the UIM based interfaces it would take us days just to create a single configuration interface. With Easycom and PHP we managed to build the configuration interface in just over a day.

HA4i is a premier High Availability Solution, we are constantly improving the product and interfaces making it simpler to manage and providing many new features. If you are looking at a new High Availability implementation or would like to discuss replacing an existing solution let us know, you may be surprised at just how easy and affordable our High Availability Solution can be.


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