Canada Proud!

IBM i specialist company Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd., is Canada-proud! From the North West corner of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), in Ontario, Shield has been providing services and solutions around the world for more than twenty years!

Is your business based in the GTA? Do you run an IBM i shop here in Ontario?  Have your worked with Shield in the past? Have you even heard of Shield and the Shield product suite? Lots of questions….. but we would love to connect. Let’s do business in Canada!

Supporting enterprise-level corporations, data centres, distribution logistics thru to small independent IBM i shops, Shield assists with migration projects, modernization, multi-platform integration, PHP interface and provide our own independent High Availability solutions.

As 2019 commences, the Shield team plans to make a concerted effort to do more business in Canada with Canadian businesses. We are all proud Canadians…. let’s work together. Let us know how can we help?

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