Finally getting ahead of myself

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Its been sometime since I last posted so thought that I would take a couple of minutes to update on what has been happening.

5733-SC1 is still seeing a lot of activity, we are not seeing the same number of downloads as we did previously but that could be because of the others who have posted links to the download but still plenty of activity. We are still trying to get the EasyCom product up and running which we think is a far better solution than going through the hoops to get PHP running directly on the IBM i. There are a number of reasons we think people should take this route instead of setting up a full blown Apache/PHP server on the IBM i, adding MySQL to the IBM i also seems to be a bit backward when it already runs one of the best Databases on the planet! Keep watching our website, we hope to be making some marketing announcements related to the EasyCom server in the near future.

DR4i is now available and can be downloaded for trials from our website, the new PHP interface seems to be a preferred method of monitoring the processes and the next release of our HA product will take this as its main interface moving forward. The DR4i product is already running in customer settings with no problems reported todate and we have a number of prospects who are looking to give it a spin once new hardware is available.

RAP is being developed further and will be renamed HA4i when the next release comes out, we are taking the new technology shipped in the DR4i product and building additional functionality into the PHP interface to allow the monitoring of the replication processes from a single screen. It will also pick up the new apply process which splits out the journals into individual apply streams allowing more granular control over the data apply process. Some of the technology we built into RAP will be removed as it added unnecessary clutter to the process and provided little benefit to most users. Our aim is to provide a much simpler and more manageable product for the user.

Marketing is progressing with our commitment to the ITJ newsletter continuing, hope you have all been getting your copies of the ITJ and seen our advertising? Let us know what you think…

We had a very good trip to Europe with a number of new prospects already engaged in discussions about our products, a flurry of activity just before we left saw a number of decisions made which increased our install base significantly. This did surprise us as we normally see a lull during this period and the recession is still hurting many.

We have finally finished the project to set up a new Wifi Network at the local TeenRanch Christian Camp, the main installers still have a number of activites to finish up before the hotspots are live and the access controls are in place but in the main its ready for use.

Thats about it, still looking for partners to help us sell our products or commission only sales people so if you are interested let us know..


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