HA4i Version 7.1 GA Announcement

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Shield is pleased to announce the availability of HA4i Version 7.1 the latest version of our High Availability product. The latest version comes with many new features and functionality of which the most important is the new apply process which provides an alternative to the existing *IBM apply. The product will continue to support the APYJRNCHG technology via a setting in the config files that determines the type of Apply process to be used (*IBM uses the APYJRNCHG command while the *SAS uses a new Direct Apply technology that updates the objects directly from the Remote Journal content). switching between the types of apply can be carried out using the interfaces provided with minimal impact or user input. The apply processes support Commitment Control and will manage Triggers and Re-Use Deleted record files regardless of the type of Apply selected.

There are many new features added in this release many being updates to existing features which make them more user friendly and useable. Audits have been improved to provide a much better picture of the state of the 2 systems and what problems if any exist. Automated repair functions allow the audits to run and any objects which are found to be in error repaired immediately.

If you are looking for a High Availability Solution or simple want to reduce the cost of an existing installation let us know, we are sure we can provide you with a competitive quote. For any orders placed before the end of 2012 we are also bundling the JQG4i product with HA4i at a reduced price, this means you can now have a fully supported High Availability solution which has Job Queue Content replication for a very affordable cost.

Call us for a quote, you may be very surprised at just how affordable High Availability Solution can be. We have over 20 years experience in the High Availability space and Shield has been developing solutions for High Availability and similar applications since 1997.


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