JobQGenie interface coming along

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The new JobQGenie interface is coming along, built using PHP and the Easycom server functions we have now completed the initial page and the job list page with some neat functionality being added as we move forward.

The plan has always been to stick with a similar layout to the existing HA4i and DR4i products as far as the look and feel goes. JobQGenie has a different output requirement due to the amount of data that can be collected and require display in comparison to the other products though, with JobQGenie we have to be able to drill down to different environments to display the job data to the user. The amount of data which can be stored was out biggest concern so we had to come up with a process which allowed us to display relevant data quickly, this resulted in a paging process which allows a set number of records to be displayed at a time while allowing the user to page efficiently forwards and backwards through the data. An added complication was allowing the user to filter or sort the data based on certain attributes such as *Active jobs or Jobs which have yet to be started etc. The results are pretty impressive even if we do say so ourselves 🙂

A previous post showed the job list page and the detail page, each record we store is required to build the command string which in turn allows the job to be re-submitted. This was fine but we needed to be able to display data by Environment, so we have built into an initial page a list of of the data collection processes and links to each configured environment. You should understand that in a replicated environment you could have both local and remote environments which have data collected for production applications so we need to show all environments not just those for data collected on the local system.

Here is the initial page which is available once the user has correctly signed onto the system.

Initial page after signing on to the system
Initial page

As you can see from the above we have added a number of checkpoints for the data collection processes, if any collection process is missing (not running) we identify the monitor with a red cross so it stands out against those which are running, you can see by the green ticks checks show that everything is running OK on the test system. On the right-hand side you will see a list of the environments that we have configured with a link to show the job list. When you select this link you will be provided a list of the jobs which have been collected for that environment.

JObQGenie job list
List of job data collected

This is the new joblist screen, we have paged through a couple of screens of data to show the page links at the bottom of the page. The selector list can be used to file the list and a link on each record allows the full details for the job to be shown.

The next challenge will be how to build the job string and allow the job to be submitted using the information collected, we have a number of commands available in the 5250 interface so we need to be able to call those commands using the data we have collected and display any returned information so they will be the next piece of the puzzle to build.

JobQGenie is a must for any company running a High Availability Solution, it provides the ability to capture all job data for jobs as the progress through their life cycle. Using this data the user can rebuild the job queue on the recovery system and display any affected data which requires analysis before jobs which started but did not complete can be re-submitted.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the JobQGenie product lets us know we will be happy to oblige.


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