Let’s ‘C’ Series – Summary…. Next Steps

Four more tech-blogs take the ‘C’ programing information into different directions – integration, security and more….

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd led by Chris Hird, has been a long-time supporter of using ‘C’ as the program of choice for the IBM i O/S. Published over the past few weeks this series of blogs has given an overview into how, what and why….. the blogs demonstrate with examples and screen-grabs.

As you may know, we don’t all see, everything posted on LinkedIn, FaceBook or Twitter. A small percentage comes our way (thank goodness).  In case you missed some of the entries within the series, here’s a summary of the next four posts:

Let’s ‘C’ How

Let’s ‘C’ How part II

Let’s ‘C’ it Integrate

Let’s ‘C’ Integration with Security

Let’s ‘C’ it Work

Watch this space for more….. follow Shield’s blog!

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