New command to save selected objects to a save file

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Every wanted to be able select a number of objects from within a library and save them to a save file! Well are always saving different objects from libraries to save files so we did. As we are always saving a selective number of objects from a single library, having to type in each individual item with the SAVOBJ command just drove us nuts! Not only that, but where we had different object types with the same name caused issues because we could not filter them out sufficiently well enough using the command, so we had to build our own.

HA4i has had the ability to sync objects between systems in this manner for many years, we use it generally to allow objects to be synchronized between our development and test environments or simply to add them to remote systems with minimal fuss. But this need to be able to just save the objects to a single save file which would be passed in by the user. Most of the interface which was built for the HA4i SYNCLST command would be used, we just added a couple of new options and removed those which made no sense (we don’t care about the system type and the target ASP etc.). Another feature we felt was important was to be able to add compression to the process, so you can now determine what compression is used when saving the objects to the save file.

So HA4i now has a new tool in its tool bag, SAVLSAVF is a command which will list all of the objects in a library out to a display. The user simply selects which objects they want to save to the save file and the objects are saved after the user has finished. We have built in a feature which allows the user to change the selected objects as desired, so if they miss an item they can simply go back and select it before confirming the save is to commence. This also allows you to deselect an object before the save as well.

The new objects are part of the new release of HA4i which is going to be announced very shortly, the new version has a lot of new features and options which make it a premier HA solution for the IBMi. As part of the new announcement we will also bundle the JQG4i with the HA4i product with some special pricing for any deals closed before the end of the year.