New Object Distribution Product RE4i

We have mentioned before that we have been developing a method to allow objects to be distributed via RDi User Commands. RE4i is the resulting product which is available for download on our Downloads page attached to the Blog.

The product provides a number of functions to allow distribution of objects around the install base. We have demonstrated how we used it within RDi using the User Commands here which has helped with our internal development process immensely and provided significant savings in terms of managing our release processes. The product also comes with a 5250 interface and all of the commands so you can integrate into your batch jobs or daily job schedules.

Here are the commands available:

  • REPCFGOBJ Allows configuration objects to be replicated between systems.
  • REPIFSDIR Allows the replication of individual IFS objects or Directories plus any sub directories.
  • REPLIBLST Allows replication of selected libraries and their content.
  • REPLST Allows individual library objects to be replicated as a selection. You will be presented with a list of objects to select.
  • REPOBJ Allows individual Objects to be replicated.
  • SETRMTOWN Allows the remote user to be set to a specific user.
  • SNDRMTCMD Allows remote commands to be sent from one to many systems.

The product comes with a 30 day trial without any restrictions. We have provided the manual with the product as part of the zip file which can be downloaded and used as many time as required.

Pricing will be by install instance and can be used across LPAR’s.

Installation is very simple, just unzip the file onto your PC, transfer the RE4I20.SAVF to your required systems, use RSTLICPGM to restore the product onto that system and then start the responder processes on the target systems before making the requests. The manual has all of this information in more detail.

Let us know what you think, if you have any problems we are here to help.


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