PHP – DR4i web pages now available for download.

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We have finally finished the development of the of the PHP based monitoring interface for our DR4i product. Designed to help reduce the complexity of monitoring the product the new interface provides an easy to use interface which provides all of the required information in a single screen.

The biggest challenge we faced was ensuring browser compatibility with the browsers we expect most people to use, our favorite browser Chrome was the simplest to set up with IE8 being the hardest. The main reason for this was we wanted to have rounded corners for certain page elements, IE8 does not support the border-radius CSS-3 setting which meant we had to build images to use in the areas we needed rounded corners. The we found out that it also used strange algorithms for determining text size, still it all looks well now and it appears to render correctly in all of the browsers.

The PHP code calls a service program via the i5_toolkit functions so you can install the website on your IBM i which has ZendServer/ZendCore installed or as we prefer on a Linux server (can be windows as well) which is configured to support the EasyCom server solution from Aura Equipments.

We will eventually look at building an install program which will do all of the heavy lifting where possible but that could be a few months off yet as we are still defining the way forward with EasyCom.

If you would like to see a demo of the product including the new web interface we will be happy to do an online demo for you. The product is for those smaller companies who need a recovery position for their data without the cost of a HA solution. If you decide to try the product and need some help configuring the PHP part we will also be happy to assist.


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