SMS4i Available for download

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The licensed program product of SMS4i is now available for download. You will need to sign into the website to get a copy which provides a free 30 day trial code on installation. The manual is underway, but knowing most users it seldom gets read so not in a great rush to publish it. If you have difficulties understanding what to do here is a quick overview of the process.

1. Download and unzip the save file from the website using the links provided.
2. copy the save file to the IBM i.
4. GO SPMMAIN to get to the menu (the library is already in the library list after the RSTLICPGM)
5. Configure the SMTP server and the senders email address Option 3 from the menu.
6. Start the SMS server (option 1 from the menu)
7. Configure any additional providers or users using the interface provided (Option 7 or 8)
8. Use the interface of choice to send a test message (Option 7 or Option 8)
9. Check the Log (Option 9) to ensure the message was sent to the SMTP server.
10. Check for any bounced email in the sending email accounts inbox.

That’s all there is to it.. Happy to help if you get stuck, we only have accounts with Bell, Rogers,AT&T and Virgin which all worked perfectly (I love it when a plan comes together). I will be posting a few screen shots etc later but its getting a bit late now!

If you want pricing let us know, its not expensive and should provide value to any IBM shop that requires simple event notification.


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