Trigger capabilities for new apply process within HA4i

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We had not realized the new apply process for HA4i version 7.1 did not have the trigger support built in, the IBM apply which uses the APYJRNCHG commands did not need to be told to ignore trigger requests it just did it! So we had to build a new trigger disable and enable process into the HA4i 7.1 *SAS apply process which allowed the trigger programs if any to be disabled while the apply process was applying updates etc but to be re-enabled as soon as the apply process had been stopped.

It seemed pretty easy at the start, all we had to do was identify which files had triggers and go in and disable them. But what about changes to the triggers and new triggers being added! We had to make sure that any D-TC, D-TD and D-TG entries are correctly applied and managed within the apply process. Anyhow we found a pretty neat way to manage it all and after a fair amount of testing and trials we now have a trigger support process that works. Still testing the new version and we have found a number of small issues when running in a complex customer environment but we think we have most of the problems ironed out now.. That is until the next one crops up!