Version 7.1 of HA4i is in the final stages of testing

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We have been very quiet on the Blog front for some time now, this has been the result of some major changes to the HA4i product which we are finally in the position to mention.

HA4i has continued to grow in terms of its capabilities and features, the latest release is a major upgrade from the previous version (6.1) which we released last year. One of the reasons this release has taken so long to get through the testing phase is that most of the code has been improved so we had to make sure we didn’t break some of the existing features. We think the most important new feature in this release is the new apply process which will apply changes directly from the remote journal in much the same way most of our competitors do. This means we now offer the client a choice on how they want to apply journal changes, this is something no one else offers. We also made sure the client could switch between apply types with minimal effort, so if you have an application that would benefit from running the *IBM apply process (APYJRNCHG) for a period of time and the *SAS (Direct Apply) for another you can do it. The existing apply process is an excellent technology and it meets most of our existing clients needs, but the inflexibility of IBM in terms of new features and enhancements to that process started to provide a number of challenges which we found difficult to work around if in fact we could. The direct apply process (*SAS) does not suffer from that inflexibility so we can manipulate the technology to meets the clients requirements. For our V5R4 customers the relationship between the Physical File and the Logical File which caused a number of issues with the APYJRNCHG process is now solved, the objects will be created in the correct sequence.

Once we have finished testing and the product is ready for release we will publish the final feature changes (we are still adding them as testing progresses and customer say it would be nice if…) so you can assess for yourselves just how good HA4i is when compared to its competitors.

If you are considering a HA solution make sure you contact us to discuss just how cost effective the HA4i solution will be, and don’t forget we also provide Job Queue content replication with our JobQGenie product which completes our HA portfolio.


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