Virtual Hosts and PHP now working

The installation of the test beds for PHP development are now in place and tested. I did have some issues with the pages again but reading back through the Blog entries has helped me get it all going again.

Here are the Blog entries which helped. and The second link was the most helpful as I had the same problems as before with the page generated by the IBM HTTPAdmin process. The CCSID was causing the PHP to be ignored, I looked at the source code in Mozilla and everything looked good but IE showed the characters all being spaced?? I remembered the issue had been seen before so I created a test page in notepad copied it to the directory and everything showed up exactly as it should.

Now I am going to look at the Studio, I notice it does not have iSeries connections defined so the request to add the same capabilities from IBM RSE to the Studio have gone unanswered as of yet. I have to map drives for the Studio to work with the system.

I will be working on a couple of technology tests using the Framework and the database generated by RAP and JobQGenie. Then expand that to provide PHP based interfaces to the products. I am hoping the Zendframework DB2 connectivity issues have been resolved and the PDO object will work???


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