Working on new projects with PHP and new RAP features

While this is not being developed using IBM ‘i’ the code could be installed and run on the system! We have been asked to develop a new Event source website to replace the existing one we developed a longtime ago for What’s On which is run as a community service by Shield. The new site will be developed using CSS and PHP with a MySQL backend for the DB (Sorry DB2 would be possible but not necessary this time) and should be a major improvement over the current site!

We are still developing new features for the next release of RAP even though the product went forward to unit testing as we have had a number of requests from existing user which make sense to put in before we cut the final code for the release. One feature which seems to have attracted a lot of attention is the CrcBuilder technology we released as a free download which allows a files data to be read and a CRC to be created for the data which can be checked against a file on another system. Our implementation will run the required CrcBuilder functions on both systems and compare the results automatically, reporting any errors found and storing the results for user review.

While we are still busy with these projects we still have capacity for additional projects, so if you need any HA or PHP related work undertaken let us know, we will be more than happy to discuss our rates and capabilities with you.


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