Zend moves support for ZendDBi to alternative supplier.

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A recent article in IT Jungle just announced that Zend is going to be moving support and future development for Zend DBi off to another supplier. I did a quick review of the website for Percona and the pricing for their support for MySQL and various add-ons they have created and found the following price page. This means you should now expect to pay for support for Zend DBi separate to any support contract you decide to take with Zend.

This is not a bad move for Aura Equipments and their iAMP server solution, with iAMP you get the MySQL engine built in and support via the forums is still going to be free. You can purchase support for iAMP which will cover all of the installed products (Apache, MySQL and PHP) and have that support in one place. Add to that the ability to include the Easycom product as part of that support contract and it be comes very much a better option than the Zend stack which now requires the support with Percona and Zend plus the no fee based support for the open source XMLSERVICE to provide the same solution.

I am not sure why Zend took the move or how the IBMi community will respond. I do know this is not going to be a bad thing for Aura, who can capitalize on the fact that they provide a single point of contact for the total solution and at a price which is far below that of the total package required to run the various elements for Zend, Percona and the Open Source XMLSERVICE.

You can download and install the iAMP server from the Aura Equipments website.


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