New FTP Security tool FT4i

Security is something we should all look at closely, if you are not then you should be. The threat environment is increasing and we are seeing a lot more vulnerabilities identified for the IBM i […]

AAG and System Updates, Making it Easy!

One of the biggest problems we had when running our IBM i systems was knowing what PTFs we needed and when new PTFs are available. As a development shop we regularly come across issues that […]

Raspberry Pi Monitoring for IBM i

Raspberry Pi single board computer We mentioned previously about a project we undertook to add IBM i monitoring to Nagios that resulted in the use of a Raspberry Pi and the NEMS (Nagios Enterprise Monitoring […]

New release AAG/NG4i V2R1

There have been so many updates for AAG/NG4i since it was first released back in May 2023 and we are now adding a new release for the product with even more updates and new features. […]

We thought is was OK but decided to make it better

It only seems like a few days ago that we made the announcement about the HMC checks being shipped in the latest updates for AAG, but here we are announcing a NEW update for the […]

Nagios XI wizard for IBM Power HMC

We now have the Nagios XI wizards built for both the IBM i plugin and a new HMC plugin which is due to be released today. These wizards greatly reduce the effort required to install […]

Fix up the Nagios XI Wizard from IBM

If you are running Nagios XI and have tried to install the IBM i provided wizards only to find it complains about them not being a valid wizard and will not install, there is a […]

Help needed

I have been developing the HMC checks for a Nagios Plugin which will be released soon. One of the issues I have been struggling with is a lack of good documentation for the REST API’s […]

PTF Groups automatic download latest level.

We mentioned in a recent post that we had built an automated process to find any PTF’s associated with a security bulletin issued for the IBM i/OS that were missing from your system and download […]

Security Bulletin PTF’s – Automated download

As part of our AAG product we have been looking at how we can make the security bulletin checks easy so that users can get their systems status with respect to security exposures announced by […]