Adding configuration Capabilities to the HA4i PHP Interfaces

[adrotate group=”3,5,7,8,9″] We have been developing the management interface for HA4i our High Availability product in PHP for some time, but we had not got round to looking at how we could extend that interface […]

New and improved RTVDIRSZ utility

[adrotate group=”3,5,7,8,9″] We were recently working with a partner who needed to asses the size of the IFS directories in preparation for replication with HA4i. Before he could start to plan he needed to understand […]

Playing around with LOB objects

[adrotate group=”3,5,7,8″] As part of the new features we are adding to the HA4i product we needed to build a test bed to make sure the LOB processing we had developed would actually work. I […]

HA4i and IFS Journal entry replay

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] One of the features we have been working on recently is the ability to replay journal entries generated by IFS activity. The HA4i product does support the replay of IFS journal entries but […]

HA4i running in production and performance is better than expected

[adrotate group=”3,5,7,8″] HA4i Version 7.1 was announced a few weeks ago now and we have been upgrading the current HA4i V6R1 customers to the latest version. After a few initial teething problems we are seeing […]

New command to save selected objects to a save file

[adrotate group=”3,4,7,8″] Every wanted to be able select a number of objects from within a library and save them to a save file! Well are always saving different objects from libraries to save files so […]

Trigger capabilities for new apply process within HA4i

[adrotate group=”3,5,7,8″] We had not realized the new apply process for HA4i version 7.1 did not have the trigger support built in, the IBM apply which uses the APYJRNCHG commands did not need to be […]

New tool to display the affected objects in a journal receiver

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] Ever wanted to know what objects have been updated in a particular journal receiver? Well we had a couple of requests from clients saying they would. So we have built a new option […]

Version 7.1 of HA4i is in the final stages of testing

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] We have been very quiet on the Blog front for some time now, this has been the result of some major changes to the HA4i product which we are finally in the position […]

New addition to Journal tool

[adrotate group=”3,7,9″] A recent request from a client has resulted in an update to the JRNMASTER tool we have available for download. The client was having problems with files being removed from journaling by an […]