How to see what locks are against an IFS object.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] I had been looking around for a method to find out who was locking a specific IFS object, the problem came to light after some new programs we were developing crashed before closing […]

New features we are working on for HA4i

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] Things are still changing and we are releasing updates to the HA4i product on a regular basis. As customers use the products they ask for changes to existing processes or ask for new […]

Retrieving list of messages and displaying in PHP

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] We have been looking at how to display the messages generated by our products to allow the user to view them. Generating a list of the messages and the first level text was […]

Problem with db2_fetch_both() and DISPLAY_JOURNAL table function

[adrotate group=”9″] In a previous post we mentioned that we had problems with the new DISPLAY_JOURNAL table function shipped in a recent DB2 update PTF for IBMi. We found the reason for that problem was […]

Preparing for new System setup

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] We are busy installing new disks and a Raid control on our 8203-E4A in readiness for partitioning up the system. Out aim is to develop an environment we can use to demonstrate the […]

JobQGenie interface coming along

[adrotate group=”3,9″] The new JobQGenie interface is coming along, built using PHP and the Easycom server functions we have now completed the initial page and the job list page with some neat functionality being added […]

New PTF for HA4i released

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] We have placed the latest PTF (PTF05) for HA4i on the website. To download the PTF you just need to sign in and go to the product pages where the download link will […]

New analysis screen for HA4i PHP interface

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] One of the problems we come across a lot is how to analyze what happened to an object prior to it being put on hold by the apply process. A recent incident with […]

JobQGenie PTF04 available.

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] A new PTF for JobQGenie was released a couple of weeks ago which offers some nice new features when looking at recovery after a system loss. One of the biggest challenges which face […]

New Display_Journal functionality and PHP using i5_toolkit functions

[adrotate group=”3,7,8,9″] IBM has brought out a nice new option which allows users to display a journal content out using SQL. Before you can use the functionality there are a couple of PTF’s you need […]