New FTP Security tool FT4i

Security is something we should all look at closely, if you are not then you should be. The threat environment is increasing and we are seeing a lot more vulnerabilities identified for the IBM i […]

FTP Guard4i gets new feature

One of our clients was interested in the FTP Guard4i product and wanted to secure their FTP environment from unauthorized access. We installed the product and set the security so that all FTP access would […]

FTP Guard4i Log Viewer

As promised we have now developed the log viewer which shows the events which have been logged by the FTP processes. The log view has a number of columns each of which is sortable but […]

FTP Guard 4i Take 2

We had been discussing the FTP Guard 4i with a prospect and they mentioned that they would like to be able to monitor the FTP Server and SFTP Server from the FTP interface. So we […]

iLook shows promise

We finally received our download links and licenses for the LookSoftware iLook product just before Christmas. I have attached a couple of screen shots to show you the results obtained simply by running the product […]

How to remove invalid IFS names

We had a client call after he had managed to create an IFS directory which could not be deleted using the WRKLNK interface or the RMDIR command using our new FTP Client. We didn’t realize […]

FTP Client Version 6.1 available for free 30 day trial

As part of the revitalization of the FTP Security Manager which is now available for download, we took the opportunity to update the FTP client which has the same FTP functionality as the one shipped […]

Refaced FTP Manager with a few minor changes using Newlook

HI The following are a couple of pictures of the new refacing done with Newlook. They show the very basic out of the box look with a few changes which we made to replace the […]