System and Software for journaling system objects patent EP 1559019 A1

To view the above patent please click here. Why the interest My interest was peaked by a recent LinkedIn comment about how using the Audit Journal to capture replication requests was a poor design choice. […]

First Node.js example

For me one of the main reasons to run Node.js on the IBM i is to access IBM i data and objects. I can already access all of these using PHP today so I wanted […]

Pricing for the ISV

I recently read through an article about how IBM i ISV’s are apparently wrong in the way that the charge for their products. While I do have some sympathy and do recognize that some pricing […]

FTP Guard 4i Take 2

We had been discussing the FTP Guard 4i with a prospect and they mentioned that they would like to be able to monitor the FTP Server and SFTP Server from the FTP interface. So we […]

IBMi eco system.

[adrotate group=”3,4,7,8″] I was reading a number of articles in the press this morning about the IBMi (i5,iSeries,AS/400 and the rest) and the possible install base. The articles suggests that there are around 35,000 “active” […]

Planning for COMMON 2011 at the end of the month

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] We thought it was about time we went back to the COMMON conference this year so we have bitten the bullet and decided to attend the Minneapolis event at the end of this […]

UK Presence

We have finally bit the bullet and set up a UK presence. The UK company will be responsible for all European sales and support for our products plus a focus on integration and management of […]

5733SC1 Back online for download (for now!)

[adrotate group=”3,4,7″] After some discussions we have managed to get the 5733SC1 CD images back online for download. BUT we would ask that you limit the number of times you download the images to a […]

5733SC1 downloads and PHP

[adrotate group=”3,4″] We have removed the downloads from the blog due to an increase in our website bandwidth which is not sustainable. We have seen over 200 downloads of the image since January (over 50 […]

RPG Open Access Good, Bad or indifferent.

[adrotate group=”3,4″] The debate about RPG Open Access seems to be gaining some attention from a number of well known IBM i supporters, some good, some bad and some which is pretty much indifferent! Where […]