Let’s ‘C’ using TLS to the web.

Its been a long few weeks since the last real techie post. We had a number of issues with the Secure Sockets program talking to our externally hosted website which took a lot of debugging […]

Let’s ‘C’ a little more (about *SRVPGM management)

The program we created last time shows how to read through a message file looking for a particular text string, but we generally do not search and change system messages (we only have the snd_error_msg() […]

NGINX install

There is a recent post from Jesse Grozinski A-Tale-of-Two-Web-Servers which gives some information about the addition of NGINX to the IBM i suite of HTTP Servers. We feel that the post needed a little more detail for those […]

Installing git and getting our first Open Source Software

In the previous post I discussed the fact that we have two Open Source camps on the IBM i, I believe the easiest start into the community for many is going to be via the […]

Getting Started with Open Source using what you already know.

One of the problems many people have with Open Source on the IBM i is know just where to start.  I think some of this can be contributed to the way we have started the […]

Working with OSSILE,Rdi,IProjects and git.

I was surprised on a recent Crowdcast from the OSSILE group to hear that in order to use git you had to migrate your source code to IFS based files? Having developed a lot of […]

Open Source and partitioning for Linux.

There are a number of ways to approach the use of Open Source within your IBM i / IT environment. The one we see discussed a lot on the IBMIOSS groups and various other mediums […]

Netbeans remote support working!

As promised, I have now managed to get the initial build of a C program on the IBM i using the remote build support provided by NetBeans. See my previous posting to see how I […]

Netbeans Remote Build support for IBM i Open Source Builds

I had recently put in a request to have GCC remote build added to the IDE (RDi or Orion if Orion ever gets compile capabilities) to allow developers to develop PASE based Open Source on […]

Automatically starting Orion

I wanted to automatically start Orion at system start up plus allow the start and end from a normal IBM i command line. My initial thoughts was to use a command and CLP which would […]