SugarCRM now installed on Gentoo Linux

SugarCRM is now up and running on our Gentoo Linux Box and seems to be fairly stable, I say fairly because we have a few niggling problems which we are looking into that stop certain […]

Object Auditing working

This last week has been very busy for us, we have been developing the Object Auditing process for the next version of RAP which should be available by the end of the year.  The initial […]

New request for RAP/400 is underway

One of the problems a lot of people have complained about with the RAP product is the need to split the Object and Database objects into 2 separate Journal Environments. This requirement was placed upon […]

No further on the LAMPS set up

I had hope to get the MySQL set up done and documented today but unfortunately I have been busy preparing for some other work related to the RAP product which required quite a bit of […]

LAMPS here we go! Part I (ZendCore install)

OK the system is now up and running, we will now start to download all of the elements we need to create the LAMPS server set up as well as installing the Studio on a […]

Set a few more things on the i515

Now that I have the server up and running with everything that shipped already installed (eat your heart out Microsoft!) I now have to configure a few things which come as default and do not […]

New System is finally here

The new system has finally arrived and I am now in the process of unpacking and setting up the system to meet my initial needs. The boxes arrived separately with the Software being delivered while […]