intERPrise Sample UI

One of the stipulations we have built into the Open Source project is that we are not going to add any ISV based requirements on the install of the product. However where it comes to […]

Let’s ‘C’ how to talk to the web server

We are developing some new functionality which requires the IBM i talks to a web server to extract some information which it uses to define if certain actions are required. The current thrust of the […]

Let’s ‘C’ some server messages

We are now starting to see some functionality in the server program so lets enhance that a little more. One of the problems we all experience is accessing the messages in a message queue on […]

Let’s ‘C’ it integrate

We have been thinking about where to take the series of posts about using ‘C’ on the IBM i and have decided to create something that will help integrate the IBM i with the other […]

Running multiple versions of php under Nginx

We have a situation where we need to run multiple versions of PHP on a single Nginx instance. From the information we have gleaned and the limited knowledge we have on the Nginx -> php-fpm […]

Access IBM i via Linux Nginx.

We have a number of clients who are running iAMP as their IBM i HTTP/PHP server. Aura have not supported iAMP for a very long time and have been reluctant to share the build process […]

Open Source and partitioning for Linux.

There are a number of ways to approach the use of Open Source within your IBM i / IT environment. The one we see discussed a lot on the IBMIOSS groups and various other mediums […]

Netbeans Remote Build support for IBM i Open Source Builds

I had recently put in a request to have GCC remote build added to the IDE (RDi or Orion if Orion ever gets compile capabilities) to allow developers to develop PASE based Open Source on […]

Installing Virtual HMC.

As part of our recent new system purchase we found that our existing HMC is no longer able to connect and configure the system partitions that we required. We did look at using Virtual Partition […]

IBMi and Open Source

Every now and then we get a bit of time to take a look at some of the newer technology IBM is bringing out for the IBMi, we were particularly interested in the improved support […]