DR4i initial PHP screens designed

[adrotate group=”7″] The DR4i product is well underway, it will be an option for customers who are just looking for data replication (journalled objects only) between IBM i systems. The Receiver Apply Program (RAP) had […]

Hmm how about running PHP on the IBM i plus allowing other platforms to run PHP requests

[adrotate group=”3,4″] PHP is gaining in popularity with the IBM i user base and we are seeing a lot more activity in the forums and bulletin boards asking for assistance on how to set it […]

Don't run PHP on the IBM i!

[adrotate group=”3,4″] If you already have a HTTP/PHP server running in your organization why add the burden of running another just to get at your IBM i data and objects from web pages! Installing the […]

Running PHP without HTTP or Zend on the IBM i

[adrotate group=”3,4″] We have posted before about the possibility of requesting IBM i objects and data from a HTTP server running on a Linux or Windows server and how well it performed. Well for that […]

PHP and IBM 'i' without Zend or HTTP running on the IBM 'i'

We have always looked at the building of HTTP interfaces for IBM ‘i’ with a view that they should run on the IBM ‘i’. Our main reason for this was performance, if we are running […]

PHP ZendFramework 1.9.2

We have started down the path of developing the What’s On website using the ZendFramework. The main reason for this is to understand the strengths of the framework as opposed to standard PHP development. The […]

New Sugar CRM & Gentoo

We had the need to install the Community Edition of Sugar CRM for a client who is setting up a LAMPS server the other day and were very impressed with the install process for the […]

phpMyAdmin returns 404 error, have to press refresh to get in!

I have been having problems with the phpMyAdmin installation on Gentoo Linux for some time now. The problem is when I tried to sign in the page would not refresh with the correct page, I […]

Gentoo Hardened Problems

We had been getting a message every time we tried to update the portage tree so after some research decided to implement a hardened version of Gentoo on our Linux production server. The research we […]

SugarCRM upgrade to 5.0.0a

We decided to take the plunge and upgrade to SugarCRM 5.0.0a on our internal test and production server. We ran SugarCRM 4.5.1g on a Gentoo Linux box which kept having problems while an install on […]