PHP and IBM 'i' without Zend or HTTP running on the IBM 'i'

We have always looked at the building of HTTP interfaces for IBM ‘i’ with a view that they should run on the IBM ‘i’. Our main reason for this was performance, if we are running […]

iLook shows promise

We finally received our download links and licenses for the LookSoftware iLook product just before Christmas. I have attached a couple of screen shots to show you the results obtained simply by running the product […]

LookSoftware development

Our understanding of the Look products and their capabilities was significantly improved at the end of last year with some education provided by LookSoftware through Trevor Perry. Trevor took us through the makeup of the […]

Refaced FTP Manager with a few minor changes using Newlook

HI The following are a couple of pictures of the new refacing done with Newlook. They show the very basic out of the box look with a few changes which we made to replace the […]

FTP Manager V6.1 available for download

Both the product and an updated manual are now available for download from the members section of the website. The modernization of the products interfaces using the Looksoftware products has started but will not be […]

A couple of shots of the new FTP Client

We have finished the code updates and changes to the FTP Manager product. The biggest changes have been in the FTP Client interface which to be honest was pretty clunky originally. The Security Manager part […]

Bringing back the old!

Our recent partnership with Looksoftware has brought a new view on some of our old products. We have been looking for an application that could demonstrate the power of the looksoftware products. Our initial thoughts […]

First trial with Look Software sucessful!

We have recently teamed up with LookSoftware to use their products for Application Modernization, something which I am sure is going to be a key activity for the IBM ‘i’ community in the coming months/years. […]

LookSoftware and our first page

We have been playing with the LookSoftware product for a few weeks now, unfortunately as per usual there is never enough time to do it real justice. But we have decided on a test product […]