Bob Cancilla's off the mark!

I thought Bob Cancilla was actually changing his position on the need to pull away from the IBM i, but it looks like he has had yet another episode! You can find a copy of […]

UK Presence

We have finally bit the bullet and set up a UK presence. The UK company will be responsible for all European sales and support for our products plus a focus on integration and management of […]

Strange Problem with Windows7 and Logitech Mouse & Keyboard

I was experiencing a lot of problems with my system after a recent upgrade to Windows7. A lot of the applications would not respond to mouse clicks and the application would fail to show some […]

Vista Business Connected to IBM 'i' NetServer

After many months of trying to connect to the Netservers and giving up in frustration I have finally managed to work out what to do. For those others who have the same issues here is […]

First trial with Look Software sucessful!

We have recently teamed up with LookSoftware to use their products for Application Modernization, something which I am sure is going to be a key activity for the IBM ‘i’ community in the coming months/years. […]

IE 7 does not work like other Browsers!

We have been developing the new website for sometime now but had only ever looked at the results using the Firefox browser. This morning we decided to look at it using IE7 just to make […]

Does Microsoft actually do anything with the reports it collects after problems?????

I have been having problems with Explorer not closing on a frequent basis, I have to go in and use task manager to force the end of the job! Everytime I do that I get […]