PHP and DB2 with System *DTS columns

[adrotate group=”3,4″] We have not posted much more on the C for ‘i’ or PHP for ‘i’ threads as we have been struggling with a problem within the files we use for our JobQGenie product. […]

Adding phpMyAdmin to MySQL

As part of the PHP for i series we will be using a MySQL database as well as the DB2 database to show how to interact with each. When we installed ZendServer we also took […]

ZendServer is Faster!

I had left the testing for a while as I have a functioning install of the original PHP server, but I finally bit the bullet yesterday and installed it on our second i520 running V5R4. […]

PHP for 'i' #1

We have started to create an introduction to C programming for the IBM ‘i’ in a separate post so I thought it would be fun to add a PHP perspective to the project as well. […]

PHP ZendFramework 1.9.2

We have started down the path of developing the What’s On website using the ZendFramework. The main reason for this is to understand the strengths of the framework as opposed to standard PHP development. The […]

phpMyAdmin returns 404 error, have to press refresh to get in!

I have been having problems with the phpMyAdmin installation on Gentoo Linux for some time now. The problem is when I tried to sign in the page would not refresh with the correct page, I […]

Working on new projects with PHP and new RAP features

While this is not being developed using IBM ‘i’ the code could be installed and run on the system! We have been asked to develop a new Event source website to replace the existing one […]

Zend Framework installed with ZendCore 2.5.2

If you intend to use the ZendFramework I would suggest you install a newer copy than the copy installed by default by the ZendCore Install. ZendCore 2.5.2 will install ZendFramework Version 1.0.3! The latest stable […]

Installing a MySQL interface

I am in the throws of going through a tutorial which shows how to set up and use the ZendFramework. It comes as part of a book I found which goes into some detail about […]

Design Policy for 5250 PHP modernization, Menu items

One of the most important items when looking at the modernization of an application is the user interface and how you will take your existing Green Screen displays and change them into a a GUI […]